Las Vegas Attractions

Attractions in Las Vegas
You may have been to Las Vegas in the past, but were you able to see all of the Las Vegas Attractions that are available? Probably not, seeing as there are more than 300 Las Vegas attractions to enjoy and to make for amazing memories. Las Vegas attractions are not just casinos or hotels, great restaurants or flashy lights and Vegas shows.

Vegas Shows


No, Las Vegas attractions also include the Circus, Fine Art Museums, Botanical Gardens, Hoover Dam and other fantastic and unique places.

One of the Las Vegas Attractions that is seriously undervalued is Madame Tussaud’s Las Vegas Wax Museum. This is the best known of all wax museums, but a lot of visitors to Las Vegas miss out on it because they plan other adventures. However, if you can stop in at Madame Tussaud’s, you will have a great time, won’t have to spend a lot of cash and you can kill a good 2 hours mingling with the celebs.
Of course, Las Vegas Attractions include natural beauty. When is the last time you went to the Grand Canyon? Wait, what? You have never been to the Grand Canyon National Park? You have to at least take an hour out of your trip and visit this natural beauty. If you can, stick around for one of the most beautiful sunsets you will see in your life. This Las Vegas attraction is one of the most inspirational vistas in the world.

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