Gambling & Casinos Guide

Gambling & Casinos Guide

Here some good and useful links for Las Vegas gambling and playing on online casinos:

1. The first link is the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, many business people visit Vegas the first time for a Convention.

2. Before going to vegas it is always a good idea to learn the casino games first, at you can play free online slots and learn how to play the games.

3. If you going to Las Vegas to gamble you will need to be able to convert currency fast and easy, so you know how much you winning or losing. This Vegas site has a good Vegas gambling tool you can use before casino gambling in vegas.

roulette strategyWe all have a friend who says he has a winning strategy for roulette. “Just bet on red or black. Each time you lose, just double your bet. You’re guaranteed to win eventually!”. On the surface of it, your friend’s logic is flawless. But why is this approach not widely known? Why doesn’t everybody head to a casino now to make their millions? Because there is no such thing as a winning strategy for gambling. In this instance, there are two major flaws in this method. Firstly, many roulette tables have a maximum stake. So if you lose too many times in a row, you won’t be able to stake enough to win your money back. Then there’s a more surprising problem. Just because a roulette table has spun 15 reds, it does not mean that the next number is more likely to be a black. Also, 15 consecutive reds is not an unlikely sequence of spins. From a starting bet of 50p, a stake of £8000 would be required to continue the doubling strategy at this point (and don’t forget the accumulated lost bets of £8000!). But here you want to read about roulette strategy if you really want to try.
Several gambling websites give you the opportunity to gamble in a “free play” mode, meaning that you are not gambling away real cash. Off you rush now to disprove the pessimistic claims made here. Although it would be stringently denied, the gambling odds in free play appear to be slightly skewed in favour of the player, meaning that you will probably win. This is to entice you into thinking that your gambling method is unique and successful. Under no circumstances assume that free play will be anything like gambling for real cash. The fact is that casinos don’t need to fix the odds of their games to take your money.
Slot Games
Although, when faced with unrelenting bad luck on the roulette table, in stark contrast to the mountain of “free bucks” you’ve acquired, you will begin to question the legitimacy of the odds, slot games however is really all about luck, at free slot games you can try and play for fun online.
So are there any ways of making money from gambling? Well, casinos are all about playing the odds, so there is always the chance that you’ll be the one who strikes lucky. But this isn’t a strategy, and will lose you a lot of money if you try to play it as such. Many gambling websites offer a form of cash bonus upon making your initial deposit. Usually, such offers have restrictive terms and conditions, requiring you to wager your bonus at least 50 times and on the most risky casino games. When placing a stake, cash is first withdrawn from your cash deposit, and when that is depleted, the bonus cash is then used. Of course, if the cash bonus cannot be withdrawn until you have wagered it 50 times on slot machines, the chances of you ever being able to withdraw that money are extremely slim.
However, there are opportunities out there to make a bit of cash. The terms and conditions of some gambling websites are a little more lenient, requiring you to wager a bonus only a handful of times before it can be withdrawn. Some even let you use low risk gambling strategies to meet your wagering requirements (e.g. betting on red and black simultaneously on roulette). Recently, with emergence of cashback websites, it is possible to place completely risk free bets. Such websites give you actual money back (rather than a gambling bonus) for depositing and wagering a set amount. Casinos are so confident you’ll be back to squander all your money, that the cashback amounts can be as much as five times your initial deposit. Be warned though: gambling is addictive, unfair and guaranteed to cost you money in the long run and only play at the best online casino games. So as long as you make the required bet and then stop, you will receive the cashback and could potentially win some money too. If you must gamble, take the advice from this article, set aside a small amount of cash that you wouldn’t be devastated to lose, and take the whole experience with a pinch of salt. Good luck.

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